(This website is under construction.  If you'd like to make a purchase, please contact us.)

(this website was last updated on September 27, 2016)

To view our items for sale, click on the tabs next to the "Home" tab.  Every item for sale on this website is handcrafted.  Our inventory hasn't been updated for a while, but hopefully will be updated regularly.

We have pencil holders, clocks, boxes, magnets, napkin holders, plaques, and much more!

Check out our videos on YouTube by clicking the videos below, and please share them with people who you know!

We're also selling several of our chip carving items on eBay.  Please take a look!

Also, check out our website for PIANO TUNING at http://higginsonpianoservice.blogspot.com/

If you're interested in crocheted items for sale, click on the following link.....  http://adorycrafts.blogspot.com/

The following photos are from the Rogers, Arkansas woodcarving show, September 10-11, 2016